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Engraved padlocks – the perfect gift for your partner

The trend started in Italy several years ago, where couples started attaching love padlocks to bridges. Since then, the tradition has spread across Europe. Love padlocks can be found in almost every European city, and many of them have individual engravings. - the best love padlocks!

On you will find the perfect love padlock for your partner. It's important to us to provide love padlocks with the best workmanship and the finest engraving. A successful concept that bears fruit: within the last 12 months we have sold more than 20,000 love padlocks in Europe.

Our engraving method ensures the finest engraving

To produce the perfect love padlock for you, we use a machine which engraves your love padlock with a diamond. This method allows us to engrave your message perfectly into your padlock.

Your love padlocks

Your love padlocks around the world

We dispatch our love padlocks to lovers worldwide. Every day we receive messages from couples all over the world with photos of their love padlocks attached to bridges, fences and other romantic places.

Thank you so much for your confidence!

We are delighted about every message we receive! Send a photo of your love padlock to